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billiard Table tennis conversion tops, 11575, Blue, Standard-Sized

billiard Table tennis conversion tops, 11575, Blue, Standard-Sized

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JOOLA Tetra - 4 Piece Ping Pong Table Top for Pool Table - Includes Ping Pong Net Set - Full Size Table Tennis Conversion Top for Billiard Tables - Easy Assembly & Compact Storage - Incl. Foam Backing


Have to choose between a billiard table and a table tennis table? The JOOLA 4-Piece Tetra Table Tennis Conversion Top easily converts your billiard table into a full-size table tennis table, giving you the best of both worlds. All JOOLA tables are made with a customer-first attitude. We strive for quality and effortless assembly. The 4-piece Conversion Top comes with two separate halves that each consist of 2 identical pieces attached with a 3 hinge system. There is virtually no assembly time needed for the Tetra Conversion Top. Just simply unfold the table halves, place on top of the pool table, and attach the included net set. The Tetra Conversion Top also has protective foam pads on the bottom to keep your billiard table free of any scratches during play and set-up. Recommended for billiard tables 7ft - 8ft in length. Start playing like a champion with equipment developed for champions!JOOLA - AN OLYMPIC TABLE TENNIS BRAND TRUSTED FOR 60+ YEARS: Launched in the 1950s, JOOLA has been the proud sponsor of the biggest tournaments in the world, Including the Olympics, World Championships, and US Open. Equipment designed for all levels. | CONVERT ANY TABLE: Convert your billiard, air hockey, dining or picnic table into a 12mm thick, regulation size (9x5ft) ping pong table top in just minutes! (Minimum length of table underneath: 7ft / Minimum width: 3ft) | COMPACT STORAGE: JOOLA Tetra's 4-piece Table Tennis Table hinge design makes the conversion process easy and storage compact which gives it an advantage over a standard ping pong table. | NO HASSLE, CONVENIENT QUICK SET-UP: Comes 99% pre-assembled and in only 3 minutes you're ready to play! Simply clip on the ping pong net to the surface of the conversion top. When finished playing, remove the tops and you are back to billiards! | SCRATCH-FREE PROTECTION: Protective pads on the bottom of the table tennis conversion top keep your pool table scratch free! Simply apply the provided pads on the underside of the conversion top!
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