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combination game Table, GP-8-DryErase, White, 8-Feet

combination game Table, GP-8-DryErase, White, 8-Feet

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GoPong 8 Foot Beer Pong Table with Customizable Dry Erase Surface


GoPong's 8 foot White Board Beer Pong Table provides a blank canvas so you can customize the table any way you see fit. Those with artistic talent can draw elaborate designs, but if you are like us and lack any art skills at all, you can use the blank surface to write out pong tournament brackets or mark off where some of your opponent's awful shots landed. The best part is once you are tired of the existing design, you can wipe the surface clean and start all over. We also built in the cup holders on this model so liquid spills are kept to a minimum. The table includes 4 Dry Erase Markers (Red, Blue, Green and Black) and 6 Pong Balls, so all you need are cups and beer. The table can best be cleaned with glass cleaner and paper towels and always remember to use dry erase markers unless you want to keep the design forever.CUSTOM DRY ERASE: Draw on the table with any design you want - sports teams, state flags, pong brackets, school logos, Greek logos, and more! | UPGRADE YOUR PARTY: Portable 8-foot beer pong table made of high-strength yet lightweight aluminum, 6 pong balls and 4 color dry erase markers included | OFFICIAL BEER PONG SIZE: Regulation table for tournament brackets, 8 feet x 2 feet x 27.5 inches, weighs 25 pounds | EVENT DAY FAVORITE: The center of attention at house parties, BBQs, tailgates, campsites, holiday weekends and more! | BEER SPILLS: Precut cup holes so drinks don't spill on your art
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