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computer video games, STF-A-213510,

computer video games, STF-A-213510,

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Arcade1Up Capcom Legacy Arcade Game 2022 Edition (Shinku Hadoken)


For the first time ever, Arcade1Up introduces remote WiFi LIVE online play in a Capcom Legacy home arcade game machine! STREET FIGHTER II was the first one-on-one fighting game to feature a variety of characters with their own unique martial arts combinations, propelling it to become an instant arcade phenomenon, and one of the most influential arcade games of all time. Now, over three decades later (and as iconic as ever), Arcade1Up’s Capcom Legacy Arcade Game Shinku Hadoken Edition features a cabinet aesthetic inspired by the mystical Dhalsim’s fiery attack…and this Arcade1Up game machine is THE way to bring that fierce fightin’ ‘90s style home! Easily assembled, Arcade1Up game machines provide authentic (and yes, way nostalgic) arcade experiences for your family game room, fan cave, or a welcome distraction in the office. They play great, look great, and are instant conversation pieces. Let’s start with the marquee game, STREET FIGHTER II TURBO: HYPER FIGHTING. An unreal, amped-up iteration of the title that absolutely revolutionized the fighting game genre! From Ryu to Ken to Chun-Li and all of your other favorite combatants, perfect your combos, and pile up those victories. Also included are STREET FIGHTER II: CHAMPION EDITION and STREET FIGHTER II TURBO. All at your fingertips, all just like how you remember them! And that’s just the start of the 14-game line-up packed inside this gorgeous cabinet, that includes a matching riser and light-up marquee. Yep…14 titles! KING OF DRAGONS, STRIDER, PROGEAR, BATTLE CIRCUIT, SUPER PUZZLE FIGHTER, SATURDAY NIGHT SLAM MASTERS, CAPCOM SPORTS CLUB, FINAL FIGHT, GIGA WING, CAPTAIN COMMANDO, ARMORED WARRIORS, are also ALL included. Switch it up to any included game at will, with the easy-to-navigate on-screen menus. Oh, and in addition to the WiFi LIVE play, see how your high scores measure up with online WiFi leaderboards! Iconic arcade games. Pop culture imagery has stood the test of time. The nostalgia that tr
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