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Foosball Table, Brown 2

Foosball Table, Brown 2

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Soccer Foosball Table Set 60 in Robo-Style Players Figures Steel Rods Classic - Finished Oversized Table Balls Set - Arcade Game Room Furniture Brown


This Classic Soccer Foosball Table brings a heightened element of competition and entertainment to any basement or rec room.
With a sleek and stylish exterior, this is a perfect addition to any game room or basement, providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance for a high-intensity, entertaining game.
The Foosball Table features High-Performance Rod Bushings, allowing the rods to spin more freely and enhancing the speed and smoothness of play.
Strong steel construction is capable of withstanding fierce competition and competitors.
The black and ivory robo-style players square off against each other for fierce competition or friendly games.
Players are attached to hollow steel rods for increased spin speed.
Classic bead style scoring on either end of the table matches the team colors for easy and convenient scoring.
Detailed instructions and a Shim Pack for easy leveling are included. Set up this Table and let the fun begin.
Accessories Included
  • This oversized foosball table comes with 4 textured foosballs, high-performance player rod bushings, steel rods with robo-style players, and classic bead style scoring.
  • High-performance rod bushings keep the game smooth, powerful, and free from sticking; this means a strong hit is sure to sink the ball into the back of the goal!
  • Steel rods and robo-style players give even the most competitive users sturdy materials to make strong and reliable hits during each game.
  • Table is 60 in long and 29.75 in wide; ideal room dimensions are a recommended 10 ft by 8 ft space for optimal movement and leverage when spinning and moving between rods.
  • Challenge colleagues, relatives, friends, neighbors, siblings, kids, and parents to engaging games of foosball and fill any day with fun, laughter, and competition.
  • Product Dimensions: 60 L x 29.75 W x 34 H Inches
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