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Table tennis sets, RRPN01, Black, Orange, Medium

Table tennis sets, RRPN01, Black, Orange, Medium

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T2SPin Ping Pong Paddles Set of 4 - Hi Performance Table Tennis Paddles - 8 x 3 Star Ping Pong Balls - Bonus Table Tennis Racket Cover - Ping Pong Paddle Case - Ping Pong Set for All Players


The most fun you can have from such a small kit

If you are worried about getting outside with what is going on right now but still want to have an alternative to keeping fit at home, look no further than this Portable Table Tennis Set.

Perfect for taking the sports home, workplace or anywhere with a rectangular table. No need to get anywhere dedicated to play the game, no special attire required and definitely no expensive sport equipment needed.


4 x Ping Pong Paddles

8 x 3-Star Ping Pong Balls

1 x Carrier Bag

Paddles Design: constructed out of 7-layer wood blade for you to strike a perfect balance between getting the most stroke to the ball without compromising the flexibility.

Shakehands style V - grip with flared handle for easy and comfortable grip to help you develop forehand play.

Weight: ± 193.5 g mid weight racket, perfectly suitable for all round player type.

Rubber Spec: ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) approved D-grade rubber for medium rebound speed on both sides

S12 Premium Sponge: Perfect for all round player type and improved ball control.

40mm 3-star ping pong balls - weights at ± 2.7g

Not all balls are made equally, these ping pong balls with 3-star are the highest quality and the most durable.

The four-racket and 8 balls are housed within a protective carrier bag so you can carry it anywhere. Protective care guidelines are included in the bag to ensure the set is always at optimum performance.

NOTE: Although T2Spin has designed these paddles with our competitive nature in mind, they are meant for recreational purposes only. If you are competing for ITTF grade tournament, please seek ITTF approved paddles.

Ping Pong Paddle Set with Hard Case - 4 Ping Pong Paddles and 8 Balls in a sporty, non revealing protective case. Perfect for ping pong game on the go: dining table, rec room, pool table, office desk, ping pong table or gift idea for any occasions. | Premium Construction and Performance Table Tennis Paddle - Sturdy overall design ensures durable paddle and prevents the rubber from peeling off. Proprietary rubber and sponge produce superior ball control and spin for every table tennis game. | Designed in the USA by our pro - Hand crafted with 7 layer wood and precision manufacturing for perfectly balanced ping pong paddle that suits every type of player. Hiqh quality workmanship is visible through the wood layer on the ergonomic handle. | Not all ping pong set and balls are made equal - T2Spin 3-star balls are perfectly round with regulation size and weight in mind. The kit comes with rubber protector to prolong the rubber life and to prevent the paddles from sticking to each other. | T2, an acronym of Table Tennis, is what we do best at T2Spin. If you are not happy with your purchase please reach out to us and we will make it right for you.
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